Welcome to Cookbook For The Community!

We are excited to learn about your recipe and the story behind it.

Welcome to a place where you can share, learn, and experience foods and stories from people all around the world. What makes a recipe special? At Cookbook for the Community, we believe that there is a unique story behind every recipe that is created, and we want to share those stories with you.

Cookbook for the Community strives to take one step forward and create a place where individuals like you can share any recipe that has a special meaning to them, whether it be through their upbringing or through cultural significance. These recipes and stories serve to reduce racial tensions and break down cultural barriers through community interaction.

The Idea

Cookbook for the Community was created by Toni Tipton-Martin, an award-winning food and nutrition journalist and author of The Jemima Code, with lead technical development by her son Brandon Tipton, a local Austin graphic designer and web developer. Toni was inspired by the Peace through Pie mission, which provides a place for communities to gather, develop, and share conversations about the art of growing, preparing, and sharing food. Like Peace through Pie, Cookbook for the Community strives to create an online community for individuals of different cultures to come together and share a piece of their heritage with the world.

The Team

Cookbook for the Community was created by students from the University of Texas at Austin with the guidance and assistance of Brandon Tipton. Since the community plays such a large factor in our mission, we enlisted the help of students from that very community we reach out to. Student interaction is extremely important to us, as younger generations continually interact across different cultures with each other. In the end, as Cookbook for the Community grows, we hope to see it live on through younger generations.