It has been some time since this website was originally created. After two groups of University of Texas students helped us to create it, the project took a back seat to other projects. Both my mother, Toni Tipton-Martin and I had big changes come to our careers. While she was becoming a more prominent and award-winning author, I was commissioned to do branding and design work for multiple bars in the Austin, TX area.

With the arrival of COVID19 in conjunction with a world wide Civil Rights movement, we felt it was time to revisit our dream project of building community through sharing recipes and food. Through diligent work throughout the quarantine, I have been able to update this project and prepare it for public use. I am really excited to grow the community and receive feedback on how we can make it better.

We will consider this website in its current state as a beta test. I am calling all friends and cooks to give it a try. Submit your recipes and tell us about the process. Check out our message boards and introduce yourself. Post some questions or topics. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for joining our community,