We are called HAcKT (a combination of the first letter in each of our first names), and we have been working for these past few weeks alongside Toni-Tipton Martin and Brandon Tipton on creating this online community. We are a group of students at The University of Texas at Austin, and are fortunate to inherit the second sprint of this project from another group of UT Austin students who began creating the backbone of this community.

The idea and inspiration of the website originated from Toni-Tipton Martin, an award-winning food and nutrition journalist and author of The Jemima Code. In addition, the lead of the technical development came from her son Brandon Tipton, a local Austin graphic and web designer. Our group has worked with both of them to develop a virtual community that hopes to break down cultural barriers. Through sharing personal stories of food, the community shall be united together as one. The hope is that everyone feels welcomed to contribute to this community and we would love to know about YOUR story.