Do I need an account to submit a recipe?

No, anyone and everyone can contribute! You will however need an account to post questions/discussion topics on the Message Board page.


How do you submit a recipe?

Cookbookforthecommunity.com is a site that was created for the purpose of allowing individuals to share their culture through food. The website has a simple recipe submission process that allows you to share the food you’ve carefully prepared as well as the story behind it. You simply do this by clicking Menu > Recipes > Add Recipes. You will then answer a series of questions; at the end you must submit a photo of the recipe or of the relative who passed down the recipe to you.


Why do I have to answer questions about my experience with the recipe?

The purpose of this website is to enable users to share not only the food that was passed down to them but their story as well so the community can have more insight into your culture. The mission of this website is to break down racial tensions and cultural barriers, and it all starts with sharing your story!


What sort of topics and comments do I contribute to the message board?

We want this website to be a forum where users can openly discuss their culture and food. Any topics pertaining to food suggestions, cuisine discussions, or a cookout in your community are open for discussion! We want this website to be a success, and it’s all enabled by you sharing your thoughts.


How do I use the gallery?

The gallery allows you to browse through all of the recipes submitted by being able to visually look at the variety of recipes available. You simply have to click the image and you will be guided to that image’s recipe.


Why do I need an account and how do you create one?

An account with WordPress is needed in order to participate in Message Board forums. You can create an account by clicking Login and then clicking the Join button.


What if I have an account but forgot my account information?

Click Login > Click “Forgot Password” > Follow WordPress account retrieval instructions.


How do I change my password?

After logging in, navigate to your dashboard. In the top right corner, click on your name and scroll down to “New Password” under the “About Yourself” section.